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About Omura

Founded in 2018 by a team of designers, engineers, and flower enthusiasts, Omura’s technology platform was created to make whole flower consumption more convenient and approachable to newcomers and experienced users alike. With a sleek design and use of disposable flower sticks, Omura delivers a consistently clean, sustainable, and enjoyable experience.

This is a quality machine. Coupled with the right strain, it would be as easy as buying a pack of gum. But in your favorite cultivar, ready to go without having to roll a joint or fill a bong or tap out a dirty pipe filled with last week’s weed. There is nothing cumbersome with regard to the Omura. This is a design edifice, an object d’art for the Museum of Modern Art.”

Our take on Heat-Not-Burn technology

Omura offers a new approach to Heat-Not-Burn technology by giving consumers the ability to enjoy their whole flower via pre-filled, dosed, flower sticks. The result? No cleaning, no grinding, and no packing. Simply insert, and go.

Teaming up with California’s best

Today, Omura works alongside some of California’s most prominent cultivators, each of which have met our Flower Brand Standards to ensure you get the cleanest and best experience possible.