Inside The Device

Heat-Not-Burn Technology

At the heart of Omura system is a sophisticated convection oven that powers our heat-curve technology. This heat-curve is designed to heat the whole flower through a range of temperatures without burning the plant.

Whole flower requires various temperatures to activate the THC and CBD cannabinoids. Temperatures in excess of 550°F generate smoke containing harmful chemicals. Our heat curve works at a much lower temperature, ranging from 300°F to up to 430°F, maintaining a smoke-free experience, and significantly reducing the exposure to harmful chemicals.

The Omura Series 1 vaporized over 94% of all cannabinoids, without burning, charring, or ashing.

Tested at SC Labs in Southern California.

A Sustainable and Patented Platform

The construction of our flower sticks is entirely unique to Omura. We use our patented technology to grind the cannabis in a precise manner giving us the ability to pack the flower in the form of a Porous Plug. This keeps the flower intact while giving the consumer a smooth airflow with minimal resistance for consistent sessions. Our process of grinding and filling our flower sticks also helps maintain the integrity of the flower by minimizing the oxidation to the plant from the outside environment.

We’re also conscious of the environmental impact we have. That’s why we’ve chosen to use recyclable materials for both our packaging and flower sticks. Each stick is filled with 100% whole flower packed in biodegradable and compostable, FSC certified paper. The paper we use is food contact grade and rainforest safe paper. Simply use, and recycle.