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Our most unique Heat-Not-Burn device yet.

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As Seen In

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Pre-filled hemp CBD or fill your own cartridges exclusively made for Omura devices


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Discover a new form of whole flower

Meet Omura, the brand new Heat-Not-Burn system designed to allow you to enjoy Whole Flower in it's purest form.

100% Whole Flower

Zero Combustion

Clean & Convenient


Precision Dosed

Hello, Flowerstick™

Say goodbye to grinding, packing, and cleaning.

100% Hemp CBD Flower

No trim, or chemicals additives. You'll only find 100% full spectrum hemp CBD flower in every Flowerstick™ for a cleaner and purer experience.

Clean & Convenient

Pre-filled Flowersticks™ require zero grinding, packing or cleaning. Just insert your Flowerstick™ and go.

Completely Sustainable

All Flowersticks™ are biodegradable and compostable using our certified rainforest safe paper.

Game Changing Tech.

A device catered to your every everyday moments.


The Omura device is designed for indoor use creating minimal vapor and no lingering odor.

Patented Technology

Our proprietary technology known as our heat curve gradually heats the flower throughout your session without combusting. The result? Complete activation of all the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other goodies CBD has to offer.

Discover a new world of Whole Flower

Customer Reviews


Super user friendly. Genuine taste and feel, without the lingering odor. Definitely felt relaxed after. Love the lavender mixed in. Recommending to all my friends.

- Morgan Johnson

High Quality CBD

Perfect! Easy to use with my Omura device and very high quality. Relaxes me without feeling groggy or needing to use it only before bed. Recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality CBD product!

- Beth Bartos

Super Fun and New!

I enjoyed my first toke off my new electric vape! And I slept like a baby after my first dose. Look forward to using it again!!

- Toni Kenney

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