Omura'a Flower Partners

We partner with only the best growers

Ultimately, everything we do is designed to offer you a better, cleaner, smoking experience. It's why we believe in consuming premium whole flower and why we only partner with growers that take care to consider every detail in raising superior plants. From their approach to sustainability, to the skill and conscientiousness with which they cultivate each crop, our partners are raising the bar on the art of growing. And we're proud to fill our cartridges with outstanding offerings from these world class growers.


Cookies provides the highest quality recreational whole flower.

CRU Cannabis

We're doing it right. Our people, our culture, our process - it all comes together with one mission to earn our position as the leading purveyors of clean, natural premium cannabis.

Harvest Fine Cannabis

From day one, Harvest has been driven by an unwavering desire to improve lives through the goodness of cannabis. And as their flagship flower, Harvest Fine Cannabis is a shining example. They own all of their cultivation facilities which enables them to hand select this flower for superior bud structure and optimal moisture content. They believe that if you put the best care into your cannabis, it’ll take the best care of you.

Humbolt's Finest

A small, hustling farm that produces top tier flowers. Featured on High Times for perfecting and refining the sungrown sustainable techniques that they pioneered in Humboldt County.