100% Whole Flower Hemp CBD


Libertine is a full spectrum CBD experience crafted from whole flower hemp, powered by Omura. It is the most effective way to activate your cannabinoid receptors in body and mind. Libertine is made for elevating the experience. Ultimately it’s about instant sensation and zero compromises—so you can savor CBD without limits. Free to be fully in the now. Here for whatever’s next. Because the future always favors the bold.

  • Lifter CBD
  • Midwest Monster
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Suver Haze

100% Whole Flower Hemp CBD

Libertine’s flavors are bold and it’s range is big – so you can tap into the taste that turns on your senses and elevates your experience.


Lifter CBD, Midwest Monster, Sour Space Candy, Suver Haze