The Omura Experience

The idea behind Omura is to consume small amounts of whole flower efficiently and in a controlled manner. We call this Precision & Purity. Sometimes one Flowerstick is just right, while other times may need three (or more)…but you decide and you’re in control.

Convection Oven

The Omura system uses convection heating that pulls precisely heated air through the Flowerstick for consistently baked flower. The oven technology is so efficient that it has been lab tested to vaporize over 99% of the cannabinoids per session. We call this Heat-not-Burn!

Heat Curve

Omura’s preprogrammed Heat Curve is unique to Omura. The Heat Curve is a temperature gradient, carefully designed to provide the user with the perfect balance between flavor (terpenes) and effect (cannabinoids) throughout the session. The Series X comes with high and low heat curve settings.


Omura Flowersticks™ are patented and exclusive to Omura vaporizers. They are designed to be filled with a small amount of compressed ground flower, where the natural oils in the flower prevent it from falling out of the Flowerstick. Flowersticks act as disposable mouthpieces and they are biodegradable and compostable.

Hygiene Factor

The use of Flowersticks means there is no contact between mouth and vaporizer, nor between flower and heating element. When the session is done, the Flowerstick™ is removed and thrown away. This means, Omura vaporizers never, ever, ever need to be cleaned! And can be shared without worrying about germs!

Odor and Discretion

Omura’s Heat-not-Burn technology means no smoke is generated. And the potent vapor is only created when inhaled through the Flowerstick™. As it is vapor, most is retained in the lungs so very little vapor is exhaled. So using an Omura is very discreet with almost no smell.