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Series 1 Whole Flower Vaporizer
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Series 1 Whole Flower Vaporizer

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Meet the Series 1 - a perfectly portable dry herb vaporizer. The Omura Series 1 uses Omura's patented heat-not-burn technology, a built-in heat curve and Omura's Flowerstick system for a clean and convenient experience. And it never needs cleaning!


  • Beautifully designed
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Heats never burns
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Never needs cleaning
  • Pre-programmed heat curve

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  • Includes 2 "Flowersticks" Packs
  • 1 year warranty
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Comes with
Comes with 2 free Flowerstick packs.

Omura is a first of its kind, heat-not-burn device. Using a proprietary heat curve and a convection oven, the Omura vaporizer heats the Flowerstick filled with ground flower stick for a timed 3-minute session. The device is designed for indoor and outdoor use with the convection heat creating minimal vapor and no lingering odor.
  • Heat Curve - The pre-programmed heat curve works at a much lower temperature than combustion, ranging from 300°F to up to 430°F to activate all the terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Flowersticks - The Series 1 pairs with Omura Flowersticks that allow the user to quickly and easily fill their Flowersticks with the ground flower of their choice.


The S1 Complete Bundle

A new bundle that includes everything you need to start your Omura Journey. You now have the power to fill your own Flowersticks. Customize your experience with your favorite flower and vaporize it smoke- and ash-free!

Series 1

Whole Flower Vaporizer uses Heat-Not-Burn technology to provide a smokeless experience.

Home Fill System

Our Newest Addition allows you to fill up to 16 Flowersticks at a time with ease.


Compostable Flowersticks act as a single use mouthpiece to provide a clean experience.


Up to 98% of Cannabinoids

The incredibly efficient Series 1 has been documented to cleanly vaporize up to 98% of the cannabinoids and terpenes present in a single session.


Omura Flowersticks

The cleanest and most hygienic way to consume your flower. Each stick is fully biodegradable and can be filled with your favorite flower for your own personal session.


No, Heat-Not-Burn, or vaporization, does not create smoke. Instead, the electric oven will heat the plant matter up to a temperature that is well below combustion but is high enough to cause the active ingredients to evaporate. This vapor is then inhaled through the Flowersticks allowing you to get all of the flavor and the benefits without the downsides of smoking.

Yes, each Series 1 device comes with two packs of Fill Your Own Flowersticks.

The Flowersticks are designed to hold up to 0.15 grams of ground dry herb, however you can fill it with less if you choose and you do not need to be measuring it. The Omura system is designed to consume small amounts of flower very efficiently and more frequently. This allows you to remain in better control of your experience. If you would like a stronger experience then you can have a 2nd or a 3rd Flowerstick, much as you would do when consuming alcohol.

To stop a session halfway through, simply remove the Flowerstick and the Series 1 will turn-off automatically. To restart the session, insert the Flowerstick and the device will begin to heat-up and the three minute session will restart.

The Flowersticks have been designed for single-use, however we are aware that some of our customers do reuse the Flowersticks once or twice. We do not warranty their performance upon reuse.

Omura currently offers a one-year limited warranty, from the date of delivery of Goods to Buyer, against defects of materials and workmanship under normal use for Omura items purchased through this Website and our authorized retail partners. Just contact with any issues or questions that you may have with your device.

No, unlike other vaporizers, Omura devices do not require cleaning because the flower is contained within the Flowerstick and does not actually come into contact with the device. This is a huge benefit versus other vaporizers as you are not required to purchase and use all of the cleaning instruments that other devices require. At most, we recommend turning the device upside down and tapping it lightly to knock out any flower that may have fallen out of the Flowerstick.

Yes, unlike other disposable vaporizers, the Omura system uses a rechargeable vaporizer, compostable flowersticks and packaging, FSC-certified paper and no single-use plastics.