Pioneering the Evolution of Cannabis

Whether you’re looking for discreet microdosing, or a well-rounded, holistic whole flower effect—when it comes to cannabis, how you consume matters. Our obsessively-engineered system marries exclusive next-gen technology with modern sophistication; for a whole flower vaping experience unlike any other that’s purer, more precise, more effortless than ever before.

Precise & Safe Dosing

Each flower cartridge contains approximately 10-12 doses to be enjoyed over a 3-minute session. We've eliminated the risk of over-consumption, meaning a safe and controlled cannabis experience.

Whole Flower Purists

Everything we do is designed to offer you a better, cleaner, compromise-free cannabis experience. It’s why we believe in consuming premium whole flower—and why we only partner with growers that take care to consider every detail in raising superior plants.

Healthy Innovations

Our vaporizer is intelligently engineered, featuring our exclusive Heat-Not-Burn technology for a cleaner, more natural and hygienic experience—no burning, smoke or ash.

Plant Benefits

We are all about the Entourage Effect. Our vaporizer maintains the integrity of the whole plant, allowing hundreds of natural compounds to work in synergy to optimize the unique character of each strain. A better, more holistic and balanced full flower effect, every time.

Smokeless & Discreet

Nearly vaporless, with maximum fragrance containment, our system was designed to create the most discreet, elegant vaping experience available anywhere.

Smart Sustainability

From our partner growers to our system, we consider the environmental impact in all that we do. Our convenient paper cartridges are biodegradable and compostable—designed to minimize waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our Creators

Our system is the result of a unique collaboration between experts in engineering, design, cannabis, technology and beyond.