Taste the flower,
not the flame.

Meet Omura, a revolutionary vaporizer
Meet the flowerstick™
The easy-to-fill precision dosed cartridge.

Omura uses biodegradable Flowersticks™ that allow you to easily pack and enjoy your favorite flower. Simply insert and go, no joint-rolling required.

Simply convenient
Say goodbye to cleaning your vape

With Flowersticks™, you'll never have to worry about cleaning your vape again. Simply discard your Flowerstick after a session - or repack it one more time.

A Game Changing convection oven
Omura vaporizes 99% of all cannabinoid & terpenes

Yes, you read that right. We tested our award-winning devices at SC labs in California and came back with results that shocked even us.

In the press

"For the fine wine equivalent to vaping, turn to Omura"

"Convenient, discrete, and even sustainable, the Omura offers an elevated social experience."

"It’s ideal for vape consumers who want to control their dose, are concerned about mess, or for whom a more discrete and less combustion-focused method of consuming is desired"

"It feels like I've tried every delivery method under the sun, but I enjoy few as much as a good joint. Omura's Series X vaporizer comes close, though."

“Its updated design moves away from typical cylindrical vape typologies, towards the realm of vintage Dunhill lighters."

“The Omura Series X Delivers High Design for High Times”