Our Story

Omura was founded by three friends in design and technology, who happened to also be British transplants living in Los Angeles. John, Matty and Mike.

They had a vision of a smoke free world, where cannabis is consumed in its purest form, without the issues caused by lighting it on fire.

I think talk about the origin of the name Omura


And indeed they wanted to take this idea further, where you can control your consumption and your high, an option that was sorely lacking in cannabis at the time.

This led to the mission of “Precision & Purity” - which sits as the backbone of everything we do at Omura. 

Precision refers to consuming the same small amount of cannabis very efficiently with each session - if you want a stronger experience then layer on a 2nd or 3rd Flowerstick. It's your choice.


Purity refers to whole flower cannabis consumed through Omura’s heat-not-burn technology, so all you are getting are the cannabinoids and terpenes as nature intended…and nothing else.

Omura has been embodying Precision & Purity since our launch in 2019.

Our Story