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Discover the range of Omura Vaporizers.

Heat not Burn

No smoke, no flame.

The smoothest and most efficient vaporization.

Convenient & Controlled

Prefill with the dry herb of your choice.

Vaporize small amounts of flower conveniently and efficiently.

Clean & Hygienic

Single use, personal mouthpiece.

No cleaning required, ever!

Series X Bundle

X1 Device (Jade, Slate, Gold or Rose Gold), Home Fill System, 4 Flowersticks™ Packs


Omura Flowersticks™

The cleanest and most hygienic way to consume your flower. Each stick is fully biodegradable and can be filled with your favorite flower for your own personal session.


Heat-not-Burn (HNB) Technology = no smoke!

Omura's patented electric oven heats the dry herb to a temperature lower than combustion. This vaporizes the active natural ingredients in the plant (like the cannabinoids and terpenes) without burning the dry herb. No smoke!

The Series X has two heat settings and a pre-programmed "Heat Curve" that allows you to choose between maximizing flavor or vaporization.

In lab tests, Omura's Series X vaporized up to 99% of active ingredients when used over a full session without charring the herb.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Choose between our Series 1 or our Series X Heat-Not-Burn Devices.

Home Fill System

Fill your 16 Empty Flowersticks™ with ease.